Yohji Amada
Amada 528 poster
Name: Yohji Amada
Status: Killed (Deceased)
Age: 80
Date of birth: 2000
Birthplace: Japan
Profession: Founder of the Amada Corporation
Games: Binary Domain
First game: Binary Domain
Last game: Binary Domain

The founder of the Amada Corporation, the largest robot company in Japan, at a young age Amada introduced the world to new forms of humanoid robots with advanced A.I.'s. He then used the profits to support the new political movement known as the New Order; when they came to power, they gave him the central role in the construction of Japan's new Upper City.

At last, in 2039, he fought and lost a lengthy courtroom battle with American robot manufacturer Bergen, which he accused of stealing his technology. Afterwards, he went into hiding for decades, until the year 2080, when a group of extremely human-like robots led an attack on Bergen. Suspecting that Amada might be involved in the development of these "Hollow Children," the IRTA marked him as a person of interest and dispatched the Rust Crew's Spec Ops team to find out more.