Akira Shindo
Binary Domain - Shindo
Name: Akira Shindo
Status: Alive? (Presumed KIA)
Role: Soldier
Age: 45
Birthplace: Japan
Affiliation: Resistance
Profession: Guerrilla Fighter
Marital status: Unknown
Games: Binary Domain
First game: Binary Domain
Last game: Binary Domain

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Akira Shindo is a leader of an anti-government guerrilla fighter unit based at the ruins of the Greater Tokyo Area. He was born and raised in in the abandoned slums from a young age. Because of his life, this gave Shindo the conviction that he needs to fight a guerrilla war in order to get people living in the slum the right to life decently.

Plot Edit

Death? Edit

When Dan, Shindo, Kurosawa are trapped in the waste plants of Amada Corporation, the three reach a elevator eventually. When Dan and Kurosawa enter the elevator, they call Shindo to come. Shindo runs to the elevator, but is tripped by a mechinical arm belonging to a failed Yoshiki clone. The two try to hold the door for him, but Shindo tells them to go on, as he had unfinished business. The doors of the elevator then close, and more Yoshiki scrap clones come up. Shindo mutters his last words: 'Yoshiki, how could you' before the clones surround him and the scene switches off-scene with him screaming and gunshots fired, and is presumed dead.

Note Edit

  • Shindo is a supporting character in the game and eventually becomes a temporary squad member.