Binary Domain - NanoSkills

Dan with two nanomachines equipped and a third nanomachine being set.

Nanomachines allow for simple stat modifications in the Binary Domain universe.

Nanomachines are equipped by setting the various shaped pieces into the grid like a puzzle. Depending on size and shape, as few as 2 nanomachines and as many as 6 can be equipped. Typically, the better the Nanomachine, the smaller and less space it will use in the grid. 

Each squad member can equip a variety of Nanomachines; with each squad member having a selection of nanomachines somewhat specific to their role. Combat prowess (quicker evasion or faster reloading) and support abilities (carry extra medikits or grenades) are just a few examples of Nanomachine bonuses. Collecting every possible nanomachine available in one playthrough will unlocked an achievement.