Majima Goro
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Name: Majima Goro
Birthplace: Unknown, possibly Kansai region due to accent
Nationality: Japanese
Residence(s): Kamurocho, Tokyo
Alias(es): Mad Dog of Shimano
Affiliation: Shimano Family (Former)

Majima Family Kamurocho Hills Construction Company

Profession: Yakuza
Sibling(s): Taiga Saejima (Sworn Brother)
Spouse(s): Mirei Park (Former Wife)
Played by: Hidenari Ugaki
First game: Yakuza 1
Last game: Yakuza 6
Patriarch of the Majima Family and on again off again Tojo Clan lieutenant. Nicknamed 'Mad Dog Majima'. He affectionately calls Kazuma, 'Kiryu-chan!' in a very distinctive manner.


In 1995 Kiryu is aware of Majima, but they have no affiliation. After Kiryu is let out from prison after a 10 year sentence, Majima and attacks Date to kidnap Haruka to lure Kiryu so he can face him in a batting cage. Majima is deadly serious when he fights Kiryu to test if Kiryu can take him on. Majima loses but refuses to give up as he can still stand. Majima notices one of his men try to stab Kiryu from behind with knife, Majima stands behind Kiryu and gets stabbed in his place. He reveals that Kiryu is now his friend and vows to him that he'll be the one to kill him someday.

Yakuza 2Edit

In Yakuza 2 with Shimano dead and the Shimano Family now disbanded, the Majima Family leaves the Tojo Clan and establishes the Majima Construction company. With Kage gone from Purgatory, Majima immediately takes over the secret society. Although no longer interested in the clan, he promises to help Kazuma fend off the Omi Alliance after fighting him once again at the Underground Coliseum.

Yakuza 3Edit

Kazuma pleads with him once more to go back to the Tojo Clan to support the newly-appointed Sixth Chairman, Daigo Dojima, as a contingency for any future troubles. Majima, reluctant at first since his construction company is now his responsibility, becomes intrigued by Kiryu's idea that he would be able to run amok and cause chaos for the survival of the clan. Majima then explains that he is only swayed by the strong, and implies that he will only accept this favour by force. The two fight, Majima loses and promises Kiryu he would return to the Tojo clan, leaving him to wonder what he had got himself into.

Yakuza 4Edit

the Majima Family has moved to the old Kazama Family office in the Millennium Tower, where Majima plays an integral part of the journey of the 4 main protagonists. Majima follows the trail of Yasuko Saejima, determined to protect her for his old friend, Taiga Saejima.

Ryuu Ga Gotoku: KenzanEdit

His character model is used for the character of Majima Gorohachi who is involved in a subplot that is very similar to one of the other Yakuza games.

Yakuza: Dead SoulsEdit

During the events of the zombie spinoff Of the End (Dead Souls in English), Majima is watching old zombie films in his flat in Millennium Tower when it is put under quarantine. He escapes the tower only to receive a phone call saying that he is late for the grand opening of Kamurocho Hills, a skyscraper he helped to construct throughout the series. Makes up one of the four playable characters.