Faye Lee
Fey 528 poster
Name: Faye Lee
Status: Alive
Age: 26
Birthplace: China
Profession: IRTA's Spec Ops team
Marital status: Dan Marshall (Boyfriend)
Played by: Laura Bailey
Games: Binary Domain
First game: Binary Domain
Last game: Binary Domain

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Lee's father was formerly a member of the People's Republic of China Central Military Commission. After completing her senior secondary education, she joined the Robotic Military Command Institute, a higher education institution under the direct supervision of the People's Liberation Army General Staff Department. After graduation, she went through numerous units and was eventually placed in the elite General Staff Department Robotic Operations Squad.

Her calm, unflappable demeanor makes her a standout soldier, and as a young commissioned officer of the People's Liberation Army, she distinguished herself through her excellent command judgment and personal skills in the field. Recently, she was selected by her army's high command to join the IRTA's Spec Ops team, the Rust Crew.

She has been with the Rust Crew for half a year. Her rank is First Lieutenant. She is also a Hybrid (half-human, half-Hollow Child).

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