Dan Marshall
Dan Marshall
Name: Dan Marshall
Status: Alive
Age: 33
Birthplace: United States of America
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Alias(es): The Survivor
Marital status: Faye Lee (girlfriend)
Played by: Travis Willingham
Games: Binary Domain
First game: Binary Domain
Last game: Binary Domain

Raised by a single mother in Nebraska, Dan joined the United States Army at age 18 to escape his family's crushing poverty. He has a natural tendency to smile in the face of adversity and distinguished himself as a member of the Special Forces, where he earned the nickname "Survivor." He was extended an offer to join the IRTA and since then, he has participated in many high-risk international Spec Ops missions. His nickname, Survivor, is well-known within the IRTA. He has been in the Rust Crew for four years, and has the rank of First Sergeant.

Dan is known to be something of a joker and a daredevil, as he is capable of pulling off some crazy stunts and is known for his tagline 'Holler if you're dead.' after a spectacular fight. he is also a close friend and comrade Roy Boetang or 'Big Bo' as Dan calls him.

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